Tracking Number for USA, Canada and Australia (Shipping Upgrade)

Tracking Number for USA, Canada and Australia (Shipping Upgrade)

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This service guarantees a working TRACKING NUMBER for USA, Canada and Australia (where the tracking number for registered mail doesn't work). Traceable even through your national postal service website.

Purchase this listing within the first hour after placing your order and I will send your package with this special shipping method, which also reduces the estimated delivery time to 5 to 12 business days (compared to the usual 10 to 30 days of standard and registered shipping). Keep in mind that during busy times, like Christmas, these delivery times can be increased.

* WARNING 1: Actual price of this upgrade will only be visible after placing it in your shopping cart (it will add around 22 USD / 28 CAD / 29 AUD to your shipping costs).

** WARNING 2: Your phone number is needed to ensure the delivery goes smoothly, so please, don't forget to add it to your address before submitting payment!

*** WARNING 3: This is an express mail service, but it's not a private courier, it uses the national post channels, so it can be delayed by the same factors that affect regular mail (holiday season, weather conditions, customs inspection, postal strikes...).